Trading & Innovative Company
The main direction of our activity is wholesale of socially significant goods, such as children food, medical goods and essential goods
Achievements of the leading positions in the market are possible not only due to the quality of the sold product, but also with additional service. Therefore, we provide a wide range of logistics services both in Europe and around the world by road, rail, sea and air transport.
In order to occupy the leading position in the market in conditions of severe competition and economic crisis, good price and quality logistics are not enough. In the world market there are a lot of good companies providing such services at a high level. That's why we have opened and are actively developing consulting direction, marketing research, advertising and media - just to offer our client a unique fullest range of services
We are a proven partner of well-known companies that have already established themselves as reliable and quality manufacturers. At the current time it is important to be client-oriented and to direct efforts, both to search for and attract new customers, and to work with current partners.
We will stimulate sales by special promotions, marketing research, advertising and media support, organization of thematic seminars.
MKW Partners SA
Legal address: c/o MOLO & COLLENBERG Studio legale e notarile SA
Via degli Oliva 2 / Via Nassa
6900 Lugano, Switzerland
Postal address: c/o Renzetti & Partners SA
Via alla Sguancia 5 
6912 Lugano - Pazzallo, Switzerland.
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