Chemical products

Oilfield chemistry

Reagents for oil and gas production

We offer the supply of oilfield chemistry to improve oil recovery and improve the quality of extracted raw materials. We sell substances on the basis of individual samples and laboratory tests, creating the optimal product for use in specific conditions.
The assortment of chemical reagents includes:
  • Corrosion inhibitors;
  • Bactericides;
  • Demulsifying agents;
  • Paraffin inhibitors;
  • ASF solvents (asphaltenes and resins);
  • Depressors for transportation of petroleum products at temperatures below pour point;
  • Inhibitors of sulfate and carbonate deposits.
  • Inhibitors of hydrate formation
  • Reagents for oil and gas production

Oilfield chemistry is supplied in barrels and galvanized cisterns. The entire range is subject to a flexible pricing policy, several payment methods. We offer subscription terms of the contract - delivery by parties on certain dates.
Specialists of MKW Partners SA will select the reagents in the right amount according to the individual task from the Customer.
If necessary, it is possible to adjust the chemical composition of the reagents within the requirements of the specifications. The necessary consultation on the application will be provided.

Paints, varnishes and cans

We offer canned varnishes and enamels, inhibitors, phenol-formaldehyde resins, floor enamels, solvents and much more.
A wide range of canning varnishes is presented in the product catalog.

Products for road construction

We offer a wide range of products for road construction, such as:
  • Adhesive additives for bitumen
  • Additives for "warm asphalt"
  • Activating mixture for mineral powder
  • Plasticizer for WSP
  • Emulsifiers for cationic bituminous emulsions
  • Emulsifiers for anionic bitumen emulsions
  • Non-flammable diluent for cold asphalt
  • Equipment for dosing of adhesion additives