Consumer goods
We offer wide range of consumer goods.
You can order any type of:
  • clothes
  • furniture
  • appliances

Price & Cost:
  • Offer competitive prices with large discounts.
  • Fast delivery, all type of shipping.
  • Global warehouses cooperate with us, thus saving you shipping costs and guarantee the safety of your delivery.

  • Abundant stocks with a strong supply chain system. More than 50 thousand items in stock and constant updates with new styles, almost daily.  
  • Advanced order processing system and inventory management system, which support and process more than 50 thousand orders a day.

Customer Services:
  • Exceptional customer service throughout the entirety of the purchasing process + beyond. 
  • Great cooperation in multiple ways and flexible communication methods based on your business. 
  • VIP specialist services and so on.

All of these advantages make MKW Partners SA standout among other  wholesale stores.

Start your journey with MKW Partners SA and start a new era of development!