We proud to announce our new produc, developed with our Russian partner "Smartmatica" 
Multifunction hygrothermostat with three control ports SMART-0903.
Multi-functional hygrothermostat with three control ports is developed to control temperature and humidity inenclosures of various applications.
The control is performed by turning on / off the heater, fan or air conditioner connected to it according to the received information from the built-in or optionally connected external temperature sensor. The device can operate in two modes:
- ”Mode 1” the device supplies power to the equipment when the temperature and humidity are set by the settings.
- “Mode 2” the device provides energy efficiency by turning on the fan for cooling, and in case of insufficient efficiency it turns off the fan and turns on a more powerful cooling device (air conditioner or other cooling device).
To prevent corrosion processes and to protect against excessive humidity, the device provides an increase in the dew point at a critical excess of relative humidity (above 65%), and thereby prevents appearance of condensate.

Main characteristics

  • Supply voltage, V - 115 ... 277 AC
  • Temperature range, ° С -10 ... +50
  • Hysteresis, temperature - 2 ° С
  • Hysteresis, humidity - 4%
  • Power consumption, not more, W - 2
  • Rated current of control relay contact, A - 6
  • Type of control contact of control ports (relay) - normally open
  • Alarm Control Contact Type - Dry Contact
  • Setup settings - using the controls on the device board
  • Electrical durability of switching cycles, not less than - 100 000
  • Mechanical wear resistance of switching cycles, not less 2 x 10 ^ 7
  • Average service life, years - 10
  • Operating temperature range, ° С -40 ... +65
  • Relative air humidity,% - ≤85
  • The degree of protection of the device - IP20
  • The degree of protection of the remote sensor - IP55
  • Installation method of the device - on a DIN rail (EN 60 715)

Scope of application

Climate control in:
  • Industrial automation cabinets
  • Electric shields
  • Telecom Cabinets
  • Mobile communication systems (base stations)
  • ATMs
  • Charging systems
  • Parking systems
  • Traffic management systems
  • Vending machines